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Outsourcing the Sourcing

We currently have 8 full time recruiters with specialization in industries such as Tech, Construction, Design Engineering, Robotics as well as Operations and Factory Management.

We always work in the time-zone of the candidate so we can chat or call with them if they have any concerns. 

It is important for us that the candidate has confidence in us as recruiter on behalf of the company we work for.

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Our Process

Recruitment has to be done right. We are dealing with the candidate's income and livelihood which is always important to keep in mind. ​

We always deal with recruitment as a sensitive matter as many candidates are currently employed and would like to source for new jobs as descreetly as possible. 

We always deal directly with the candidate, usually through Linkedin. 

The way we work: 

- A detailed job description is sent to OLM (don't be shy with the details, the more the better)

- Salary targets and client is discussed. (we agree whether to share with candidates)

- If there are companies or individuals that should not be contacted then a list is provided. 

- Time frame is established. 

- We agree on how many CV's should be submitted within the time frame. 

- We get to work and give daily updates through Google doc sheet. All CV's are submitted through email including recruiters notes, salary targets and availability.