About us and how it all began

Hi, I'm Morten Carstensen, Owner of OLM Business Solutions and this is my story. 

Back on a cold winter morning on December 25, 2016 I got a call from a good friend in Denmark.

He was complaining about the high salaries they had to endure and if he could hire somebody to do his invoicing.

I immediately said yes. I had one employee at the time (Grace) and thought she would be the perfect (only) choice for the task. 3.5 years later she still sits here next to me and does all his invoices and he gladly comes twice a year to train and visit us. 

The OLM Virtual Assistant was born and there was no stopping us. We went through telemarketing with those awful night-shifts, lead generations up and downs, made websites and mobile apps and gone through learning how to do recruitment in 5 different languages.

It was a steep but fruitful learning curve. 

I even went around the mall next door giving away flyers to make websites and social media to retailers to drum up some sale. 

As a true entrepreneur you need to land on your feet and focus when you have found a safe plateau which is where we are today. 

We still hussle, dream, shout and cry to make things work but that's how it is. Nothing ends up being perfect and the engine always needs fine-tuning. 


I still enjoy exploring other types of outsourcing that we can offer. 5 years ago people were screaming for telemarketing, then it was emails and lately it is Linkedin outreach that's the big craze as it is a more personalized approach. 

On the IT-side we used to salivate over the start-ups that needed a new website - today even a 10-year old can make their website in less than a day. 

The lead business lead us to recruitment - why? Because most of our clients were recruitment agencies looking for lists, emails and contact information on either candidates or clients. I investigated, researched and spoke to a couple of friends in the industry to learn more about the headhunter business. After finding out that most of the time was spent sourcing for candidates and chatting with them I thought - hey, we can do that! I have hired (and fired) thousands of workers during my 25 years of being self-employed so felt like I knew the story from both employer and employee side. In fact, we were doing that already for some without really knowing we were actually sourcing for them. 

I have always believed in being a straight-shooter and do what I say I will do, I believe my clients appreciate that which is why many have stayed or keep coming back when they need something done. 

I am also a strong believer of adding value at affordable pricing and paying above average salaries. 

I believe that all owners/CEO's should make a statement or story about themselves like this so you get to know who you are dealing with. We are not just ones and zeros on a screen or a voice on the Skype call - we are all human-beings with stories to tell. 


I am proud of my story and looking back at all the failures it took to get here it makes it all worth while, and trust me, there have been many. I would say that I have failed with around 8 startups and it is really tough to get back in that saddle again when you have been thrown off so many times. 

But that's what make us human and that is what it takes to succeed these days. You need to keep experimenting with new concepts and ideas. 

Being in the digital industry has taught me that if you stand  the test of time then you will survive.

You need to be like a shark - keep moving all the time in order to stay alive. 

Thanks for reading - I am pleased to share my thoughts and I hope that has put a little light on who you are dealing with. 

Morten Carstensen