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Are you in need of a remote worker? 

Then you're in the right place!
OLM Business Solutions is a remote staffing agency. We provide quality candidates for your remote hiring needs so you do not have to worry about recruitment, payroll or even office space. 

We connect you with top-tier remote professionals who bring expertise, dedication, and innovation to your projects.

Explore our site and learn how remote staffing can transform your business by providing access to diverse skills, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing your bottom line. Whether you're looking to build a remote team for specific projects or seeking long-term collaboration, we're here to guide you every step of the way.


With OLM you can find and hire your next employee. All our agents have min. 4 years experience in the related field and can work as low as 15 hours per week. They have all been vetted and interviewed by our staff to ensure they are ready and available to work. ​

How to hire?

  • Book a call with us fill up our contact form and we will get to work on finding a suitable candidate for your company. 

  • When filling up the form please be specific as to the job description and hours needed weekly.

  • After our call we will schedule a Zoom interview with the candidate following by a contract with start date, rate and job description.  

What does it cost?


Hourly rates vary depending on the number of hours the Part Time Pro is required each week. In general it is 50% less than EU or US hourly rates for same work. 

Billing is sent every 1st of the month and reconciled with hours worked as per online work sheet. 

Hire Remote workers for: 

Customer Support
Chat Support

Email follow up
Market Research
Linkedin outreach​

App development
Website Development
IT Support roles

What our clients say

Eskil Hansen

Møntkompagniet Aps, Copenhagen

"My company has been using OLM  for 6 years now. We are very pleased with the quality of the workforce as well as the financial savings which is considerable."
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