Mobile App Development

OLM works with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and multi-national companies all over the world.

Our projects include taxi, voucher, home-help, and health-related mobile apps.

We help you with design as well as marketing of the app. 

All apps are coded from scratch and tested internally before launching to the app stores. 

B2B Lists

Are you looking for customers or suppliers abroad and need a list?

Based on your filters around company size, job titles you want, city, country and industry, we can make a detailed list for you. We use Linkedin Sales navigator where we set up the search agent. From there we take the basic information and then we find the website and direct email to the person. 

Linkedin Outreach

A lot has happened since the GDPRS law was introduced in the EU back in May 2018. In short, it means that you are not allowed to send e-mails to people without prior permission. Many of our European customers have therefore resorted to Linkedin Outreach instead. This way we can connect and send follow ups on your behalf, all manual work is done by our agents

Payment is per message sent, quantity is up to you (Min 500 messages per week)

See how it works on the video below

Translation Services

OLM has native translators in 15 countries. We handle any type of translation but specialize in Forex, financial papers, comics, novels as well business presentations.

We translate from and to English in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Portuguese, Slovakian, Russian, Greek, Spanish and of course Filipino.

Virtual Assistance

OLM has qualified staff ready to assist your company with graphic design, accounting, email handling and other admin tasks. For years we have served clients in Denmark, USA, Germany and UK with qualified staff at affordable rates. 

Let us do the heavy lifting, start saving money by outsourcing today.

Social Media Posts

Do you need help with your Facebook and Instagram post? Then let OLM's Graphic Design Team help you.

At affordable prices we can make images that are customized to fit your company or product. Our designers work hand in hand with you on text (any language), font, size and layout to make sure you get what you want. 

Once you have the images they are ready for you to post!

No hourly, weekly or high rates - we charge per picture that you approve! Again, more value so you only pay for what you like and approve. 

What our clients say

My company has been using OLM  for 6 years now. We are very pleased with the quality of the workforce as well as the financial savings which is considerable. 

Eskil Hansen, Owner

Møntkompagniet Aps, Denmark

OLM has been a great partner as we have scaled. When new needs arise, from sales to accounting to recruitment, the OLM Team has been quick to respond and provide quality assistance. 

Karen Zelby, VP Finance

Eden Workplace, San Francisco

Meet The Team


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Ambassador Denmark

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Lead Generation Supervisor

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