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All our agents have min of 4 years work experience and have been thoroughly vetted by our HR team. 
Their CV can be sent upon request and the agents are all available and ready to work. 

If you would like to hire an agent, get in touch with us or arrange a call to discuss your options. 

Meet some of our remote staff here





5 Years experience as Frontend and Fullstack Developer. 

ReactJS, React Native, redux, nextJs, HTML5, CSS3, Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), tailwind css, Express.js,
Hapi.js, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, JavaScript, typescript, Git, GitHub, Ubuntu, AWS EC2





SEO Specialist

Qualified SEO professional with solid experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, SE rankings monitoring, keyword research, site auditing methods, social media optimization and link building. A clear communicator with a backgraound in project management and marketing.



Remote worker for hire with OLM Business Solutions

Julie M

Julie has 16 years of customer service experience handling various support and lead roles. Recently worked as medical Virtual Assistant. Experience in using Slack, HubSpot, ASANA.





Embracing remote staff can be a game-changer for your business. Here's how:

1. Cost Efficiency: Remote staff allows you to tap into global talent without the overheads of a physical office. Save on office space, utilities, and other associated expenses.

2. Increased Productivity: Remote workers often report higher productivity levels due to fewer distractions and a more personalized work environment. This increased efficiency can positively impact your business output.

5. Flexible Work Arrangements: Offering remote work options can enhance employee satisfaction, reducing turnover and recruitment costs. It also opens up opportunities for hiring talented individuals who prefer flexible work arrangements.


If you have any specific questions or need assistance in implementing remote staffing solutions, feel free to reach out.

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