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  • Why should I hire a remote worker?
    • Reduced costs: A remote agent is cheaper than hiring your own full-time in-house employee. Our hires are usually 30-40% cheaper than your local hires. • Expanded reach: A remote agent can help you reach new markets and customers by providing services in different languages, time zones, or regions. They can work while your sleep! • Flexibility: A remote agent from OLM can work part-time or full-time. You set the hours and time-zone you need. You only pay for work done, no sick-leave, maternity benefits, yearly bonus or office space is needed - just pay hourly and get the work done. Stop the contract with 1 weeks notice.
  • What does it cost?
    First we establish what you need to have done, hours per week and the type of agent that is most suited for the job. Then we send a contract with the cost and weekly breakdown. The cost is generally 30-50% lower than a local on-site hire, plus the benefit savings.
  • How do I hire ?
    Fill out our online form and schedule a call with us on Calendly. ​ During the call we will pinpoint your requirements, hours needed per week and other details. Then we will set an appointment with a Virtual Assistant that fits your profile requirements so you can interview before any contract start. Once you agree we will send a contract with start date, hourly rate and work description. Daily tracking of work and hours through shared Google Sheet At the end of each billing cycle, we will send you a detailed report of the hours spent and the tasks completed by your virtual assistant.
  • Work monitoring
    Once the agent starts work we will create a Google Sheet where you will see dates, hours worked and daily description of work done. This is also the basis of the monthly billing.
  • Can I hire multiple agents?
    Yes, you can hire multiple VAs for different tasks, depending on your budget and workload. Some of the benefits of hiring multiple VAs are: • You can access a wider range of skills and expertise that one VA may not have. • You can delegate more tasks and free up more time for yourself. • You can increase the flexibility and availability of your VAs by having them work in different time zones or schedules. Hiring multiple agents can be a great way to scale your business and leverage the talents of different professionals, but it also requires more planning and supervision on your part.
  • How do I communicate with the agent?
    The best way is to have daily contact with your agent. Communication tools such as Skype, Whatsapp, Slack or FB messenger can be used and our agents are proficient in all of them.
  • How do I get billed?
    We bill every 1st of the month with a tally of hours used as per contract. We always attach Excel that shows hours worked with description of work done daily. Invoice can be settled through Papal or direct bank transfer.
  • How do I terminate the contract?
    We believe in flexibility and keeping things simple. You can cancel your contract within 5 days notice. Then a final billing is sent and contract is considered terminated.
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