Effective Communication in a Multilingual World

In both written and verbal communication, there is one common denominator that helps us get our message across: language. Successfully getting our message across equates to opportunities and possibilities. When we clearly present our ideas, concepts, or proposals, we create an impact that generates profits. The efficient use of language leads to effective communication.

Your Key to Success: Effective Communication

Effective communication breaks walls. Effective communication has the capability to change opinions, provoke changes, and encourage partnerships. Numerous studies have proven this; one important ingredient to success is effective communication.

But here’s a fact: there are more than 6,000 spoken languages in the world! Here’s another: we now live in a multicultural and multilingual ecosystem.

The Vehicle That Will Take You from Point A to Point B: Translation

You don’t need to learn all the languages in the world so your prospective partner from France can say yes to your proposal. You just need to consider the possibilities translation can offer. Translation is the vehicle of effective communication among people of the world. Note that proper translation is not about an app that is only programmed to literally translate one word after the other. Proper and effective translation does not equate to Google Translate. Proper and effective translation deals with clarity and accuracy. It considers the effective delivery of knowledge while considering the cultural and anthropological aspects of the language for the purpose of global economic development. It doesn’t only translate the words but the entire message and the manner the message is packaged.


We Have Expert Drivers of Translation

This is where we come in.

If you need to have your documents translated to and from English in Danish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and Italian, OLM’s team of experienced native translators can do the job for you. We know how the business works and we have a full understanding of your translation needs because our very own fearless CEO, Morten Carstensen, is a professional translator himself.

Over the years, Morten Carstensen had translated to and from English to Danish and have dealt with different clients all over the world. He is so passionate about the need for excellent translation that he continues to oversee the QC and general business development of our translation services.

Because to successfully drive proper and effective translation, you will need someone who can help you set the tone to your advantage. You need someone who can help you effectively translate your message. Someone who can help you go around and navigate the cultural and anthropological roadmap of your receiver’s language. That’s us.

What Our Native Translators Can Offer

Our team of experts can translate to and from English in the following languages:

·        Danish

·        French

·        Portuguese

·        Dutch

·        German

·        Italian

We are serious about translating your messages in its entirety with utmost clarity and accuracy in the manner you want it packaged.

OLM’s team of translators can translate your materials, may it be a legal document, textbook, or an e-learning module. Our team of native speakers has the competency and skillset to successfully help you build your e-Learning translation projects. We have the capacity to accommodate multilingual e-Learning translation services.

We are a team of people with expertise and proper understanding of the following subject matter:

·        Law (Contracts, Patents, Retainer Agreements)

·        Entertainment (Subtitle and Script for Movies and Dramas)

·        Business (User Manuals, Employee Handbooks, Training Materials)

·        Tourism (Tour Guide Handouts, Destination Maps)

·        Education (Textbooks, e-Learning Modules)

·        SEO


Some of our satisfied clients are:

·        Disney (TaleSpin Cartoon)

·        Amazon Prime (AI Project)

·        Change Group, Denmark (CV Translations)


We also have recently delivered FOREX translations for a South African company.

You can trust that we know what you need and how to effectively deliver. Our decades of being in the business can attest to our excellent performance. And to sweeten our deals, we can brag that among the many companies that offer translation, our quality output is for a reasonable price.

Reach out to us and know more about our packages. For large projects, we can offer to translate a small chunk of your material and send it back free of charge. Upon return of the sample, we send our rates per word or the total price of the entire project.


Here at OLM, we welcome flexibility and possibilities like an old friend.

Document translation

We are ready to offer translations to and from Danish, English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and French from our team of native speakers. We can translate for the following industries:


  • Law, contracts, patents, retainer agreements

  • Entertainment, movies, dramas
  • Business, user manuals, employee handbooks

  • Tourism

  • SEO

eLearning and textbooks

The localization of e-Learning modules has become essential in adapting to the regularity of the constant global expansion around us. Our team of native speakers has the unique knowledge to make your e-Learning translation project a success. We can provide you with multilingual e-Learning translation services to and from Danish, English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and French languages.

What separates OLM from the rest of the translation industry is offering the translations of our team of native speakers at affordable prices. 

What We Can Do

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