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OLM has over 20 experienced native translators ready to translate for you.

They are all native speakers and generally over 30 years old and with a minimum of 10 years of working experience. We like our native speakers to have a lot of business experience, so they are more versatile.


Our team of experts can translate to and from English in the following languages:


  • Danish

  • French

  • Portuguese

  • Dutch

  • German

  • Italian

  • Croatian

  • Greek

  • Norwegian

  • Swedish

  • Slovak

  • Filipino

  • Polish

  • Romanian

  • Tamil

  • Turkish


Our team of native speakers has the competency and skillset to successfully help you build your e-Learning translation projects and the capacity to accommodate multilingual e-Learning translation services.

Our Subject Matter:

·        Law (Contracts, Patents, Retainer Agreements)

·        Entertainment (Subtitle and Script for Movies and Dramas)

·        Business (User Manuals, Employee Handbooks, Training Materials)

·        Tourism (Tour Guide Handouts, Destination Maps)

·        Education (Textbooks, e-Learning Modules)

·        SEO


Our Previous Clients:


·        Disney (TaleSpin Cartoon)

·        Amazon Prime (AI Project)

·        Change Group, Denmark (CV Translations)


We also have recently delivered FOREX translations for a South African company.


Reach out to us and know more about our packages. For large projects, we can offer to translate a small chunk of your material and send it back free of charge. Upon return of the sample, we send our rates per word or the total price of the entire project.


Here at OLM, we welcome flexibility and possibilities like an old friend. Talk to us today.


Document translation

We are ready to offer translations to and from Danish, English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and French from our team of native speakers. We can translate for the following industries:


  • Law, contracts, patents, retainer agreements

  • Entertainment, movies, dramas
  • Business, user manuals, employee handbooks

  • Tourism

  • SEO


eLearning and textbooks

The localization of e-Learning modules has become essential in adapting to the regularity of the constant global expansion around us. Our team of native speakers has the unique knowledge to make your e-Learning translation project a success. We can provide you with multilingual e-Learning translation services to and from Danish, English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and French languages.

What separates OLM from the rest of the translation industry is offering the translations of our team of native speakers at affordable prices. 

What We Can Do

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