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Linkedin Outreach

How does it work? 
Client will need to have Linkedin Sales Navigator


Client sets up a search for contacts that you want to connect with. You save the list and name it MORTEN LIST

Client sends me a message that you would like to connect with (max 300 characters, starting with Hi FirstName….)


I login to clients Linkedin account and open the list. using a private server in your area , I use Cyberghost VPN)

Follow up Once a contact has connected there is an
opportunity to send a follow up There we can send
a longer text with thanks for connecting


All direct messages are left untouched in the Inbox


B2B Lists

Based on your filters on Geo, Industry, Titles and company size we can supply you with following data: 

•    Direct valid email
•    Linkedin ID
•    Name
•    Company
•    City
•    Domain

Price is always per lead. No payment for bounces. Get valid and direct emails that you can use to find clients or suppliers.

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