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We have developed apps for telemedicine, bio chem, travel, e-learning, cleaning and banks just to name a few. You can see our portfolio here

OLM has over 6 years of developing apps and you will be guided through the process with the help of our Business Development team through each step of the process. Since we also do Lead Generation and online graphics then we can help in marketing the app as well once it's finished. 

Mobile app development
for iOS and Android


We usually ask the following things from a new client in order to be able to quote on the project: 

  • Do you have a wireframe already (a set of pages that illustrates what you need to have done)

  • Do you have a website already? And if yes, does the app integrate with the website? 

  • Should we only make the app or also maintain it in the future? If yes, for how long?

  • Are the payments done on the app? 

  • Do you need scheduling or video calls to be made on the app?

  • Alternative functions such as languages

  • When do you expect the project to be finished? Does it coincide with a website launch date?

Once that is established and sent to us we will be able to estimate a time-frame and quotation. 

Now, we make a quotation we consider revisions, debugging, testing, graphic adjustments, changes and other minor revisions to take place. That is included in the code. From experience, only half of the time spent is done coding and the rest is in correspondence, changes, updates and other debugging on the app stores.

It is a part of the package which is why we include it when we quote. 

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